Elements comic- Meeting Lloyd Picture

Before I even say anything- Great White sharks scare the F*CK out me. I'm incredibly terrified of them. When I see a picture I scream bloody murder.

ORIGINALLY Lloyd was to be a tiger shark- but finding references of scary tiger sharks do not come up in the google search BUT GREAT WHITES and their freaky black eyes, bottomless pit mouth and sharp evil teeth DO! So, I took the plunge and made Lloyd a Great White.

And I found pictures IDIOTS TOUCHING them when the monsters are jumping out of the water, mouth open ready to rip your face off- while being pet like a FREAKING pony.

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

-Figure I'd make Nola one of those idiots. And who knows the more I draw Lloyd the less I'd scream bloody murder.

Although a still shake, and sweat and feel my pulse race when I draw him....

SO without further adue:

Meet Lloyd- Nola's pet.

Also appearing in this comic:

-Kat- Element of Light: She's wise, sarcastic, manipulative and very protective her family. She's also called Satan due to her habit of never keeping her nose out of people's buisness- she can also 'forsee or predict' the future
She's based off my best freind- No actually she IS my best friend, but blond.

AND the 3 Demon Hunters- Eros, Liam and Van.

Eros: The grumpy, uptight, merciless hunter.( Sexiest man I've ever drawn and created.) He's also a blacksmith, and forges most of the weapons in the comic, using both smelting and the black arts. He has one vendetta but to hunt down one demon that's responsible for ruining his life ( the main villian of the comic- Leader of Order of Chaos- Moira) He has QUITE the backstory to him, but that would be spoiling. Anyways! He's the one in the black muscle shirt, nice arms, silver eyes, brown hair streaked with blonde. Yeah him. Oh yeah, him. He's the unfortunate man who get's stuck with the 'i-can-burn-things-with-my-mind elemental warrior- Cerridwen. F.Y.I. Cerridwen and Eros HATE each other...for now. XD
He's the second main character next to Cerridwen.

Liam: A demon hunter, not as brutal and notorious as Eros is. He's quite refined, dignified, intelligent and honorable. Doesn't swear, or want any confrontation- unless needed. He's a doctor but also knowledgable in the demon studies and ancient mythology- hence why he's part of the trio.
He's a character that is really growing on me.
He's like a young version of Giles from Buffy and he too has quite the skeletons in his closet.
He's the blonde with the glasses.

Van: His character is packed with a bunch of enjoyable goodies. He's Cajun for one thing ( Gambit anyone?) and has to charm all the ladies. He's the heir to a Demon Hunting clan. He's very fast and has quick ninja-like reflexes- Most his weapons are all ninja or assassin related. ( forged by Eros) Not ALL that bright standing next to the other two, but very skillful in battle. He get's distracted easily though- especially if that distraction is female. So a hunter being surrouned by a bunch of goddess-like women- he gets abused quite often. Especially when he tries to woo the Earth Element, Amber.
He's the dark, long haired dumbstruck fool with the red shirt.

More to come soon
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