Uncovered Desire Picture

This is my interpretation of the myth of Eros and Psyche. According to this roman tale,
Eros (or Cupid) falls in love with Psyche, a beautiful princess. And so, he takes her to his palace and makes her his wife and lover, but Eros never ever lets Psyche see his face, ominously warning her that the day she did, their love would be over.

One day, Psyche’s sisters went to visit her, curious of her new sister’s husband. But when she tells them that her lover would not let her see him, the two jealous sisters urge Psyche to wait till her husband is asleep, and then look at his face with the help of an oil lamp. Psyche follows their advice and uncovers him while sleeping. But in the light of the lamp she recognizes the fair form on the bed as the god Eros himself. In her shock, her hands tremble and she spills some of the oil onto her lover. Eros awakes and flees the palace.

Now, Psyche literaly means “soul”, and Eros is the God of desire. So, to me, this tale is really about the soul’s eagerness to descover love and the (sexual) desire for someone, wich is sometimes difficult, but worth it at the end.

In Greece, the word Psyche means “butterfly”. Therefore, I added the butterflies to the figure of Psyche, wich gives de composition a bit of color. I went for a more abstract kinda composition, rather than a literal one, like my other paintings. And I don’t know if you notice , but there is a little insipration from Klimt’s “The Kiss”
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