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On Tegaki: [link]

This is my new SPN fan-character! He's a cherub -- a cupid -- and he's for the SPN RP group on Tegaki E! ( [link] ) I'm totally in love with that group right now, it's a lot of fun and there are some excellent characters and artists on there! ^^ Expect to see more of my Chryssie. CB

Here's his profiiiiile~

Name: Chrysos (mostly goes by "Chrys" for purposes of appearing human)
Age: Old! (Vessel's age -- 33)
Character Type: Cherub/Cupid/Eros/Angel
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 155 lbs
Personality: Very loving and generous. Usually calm, happy and optimistic; doesn't let much get him down. Loves live, love, animals and people! Eager to help any good cause. Has a lot of faith in God, and believes everyone has the capability to do good.
Bio: Has been on Earth for centuries. Used to be one of the top cherubs, getting all the big jobs, but these days those go to younger cherubs who haven't lived long enough to start doubting orders.
Chrys's last relatively big gig was hooking up John and Yoko, and since then he has mostly been left to his own devices on Earth. In all that time he's gone somewhat "native", he even owns a record store, "Recrd Time", which he tends to when he's not busy elsewhere.
However, Chrys still uses his powers, having a tendency to want to help mend broken hearts or give failing relationships a push in the right direction. And if a hunter needs a hand fighting the good fight, Chrys will insist on helping, even though he is not quick to violence.
Chris loves music. He plays most string instruments (and the saxophone!) and also sings frequently. He compiles mix-tapesof love songs and plays them constantly in the shop, interspersed with compilations of angel-related numbers.

...Yep, he's prtty much just a mixture of Pooglet and Aziraphale (from God Omens!). No, no, don't worry, there is more to him than that. Time will tell!
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