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my gallery stats claim that I upload a deviation every 40 days XD it sounds totally lame ;A;
but I think I know the reason behind it... after I submit a work, I usually got extremely depressed over it - like, how much my pictures suck and how much I lack talent :C
so, I think this will happen after submitting this submission, too. D:

anyway, this one will be used for the cover of my new manga~ called... Stupid Cupid! DX (you know, because of the Greek mythology references, and... well, because the one of the main characters is Cupid. XD (on the left..)) and on the right, there's Tsukioka Yuujirou, Japan's favourite depressed, angsty jrock-star, vocalist of the band TSUBASA.

about the picture: ;_____________;
remind me not to use the "artistic blur" effect in PhotoFiltre ever again. ;A;

and and... my lineart still sucks TT3TT but now, I know what was the fault, and probably the next pic will be better... or I hope so TT_TT"""

but even if it sucks so much, please don't over-criticize it ;A; I spent very, very much time on this stupid deviation >:C

Oh, and yes, the title was inspired by that song by Cherryblossom. C: I've been listening to it pretty much lately.

I didn't forget about your requests either C: The pics for ~sas1993 and =Friedenmann will be ready soon. :3


bg texture (c) ~egg9700
characters, art (c) me
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