Pillow of Your Bones Amor and Psyche (Munch) Picture

Just a test rabbit to see what kind of response I will get. I've been working off this one as a learning thing for me as much as any else. I've been using mostly using freeware (Paint.net) (Photoscape) and am considering getting a more sophisticated program. I've haven't hit the "help" or looked at any tutorial and learned most things on my own. More later on my other "treatments."

I love Munch's stuff he was manic depressive (bipolar disorder) and I am too. He expresses things the way I wish could

Edvard Munch on the right and my interpretation on the left.
Title from Chris Cornell's - (Soundgarden/Audioslave) - song "Pillow of Your Bones. [link]

I wiki'ed Amor (Eros/Cupid) & Psyche - very interesting story; I pull all kinds out of things from this combination.

Cupid and Psyche - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I going to put one more up tonight and then see what happens. I'll cross reference so you can find the other.

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