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I'm starting to write an original story with TJ
Nothing to do with Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson was actually a stepping stone with creating him and now I think he's ready for his own story. Not Growing Ambitions, though I will be continuing that and putting TJ in his old, dirty camp shirt, but his own story. Possibly book.

I'm not exactly sure what the concept is going to be. I know it'll have a heavy Mythological thing with it. If it'll just be solely Greek/Roman or have others like Japanese, Norse, etc etc invovled as well, I don't know either.

The most I know is that at some point TJ will be serving under Thanatos for reasons. The other thing is instead of sleepwalking, he's going to have a darker side that awakens only when he's a sleep, a split personality, if you will, due to constant abuse and strain. And there's going to be a lot of nerdiness.
Actually, one of the scenes, one of his friends is going to attempt to hit on someone like Shiloh Knight or something...using Dungeons and Dragons. or something.
We'll see.

don't ask about if your character can be in it. i'm still figuring shit out XD ;;

Title and the words on his shirt from; [link]

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