Bringing Light Into The Bedroom Picture

I painted this. ignore the horrible lighting, I need to ditch my metallic acrylics.
So this is supposed to be Eros and Psyche, and if you dont know the myth I suggest you google it cause I already had to awkwardly explain it to my brother.

anyway, I wasnt sure how this would turn out because the canvas was REALLY small (5x7) and im always saying I like to work small, but painting is a whole other matter...but I have about four more canvas's so i'll probably be doing more, already attempting to start the next one (keyword attempting) its gonna be echo (greek mythology) but I cant get the pencil draft to look the way I want and ive been working with it for afew days now butsgsgshsdr

I need a reference. and photoshop. and motivation

on a side note rune factory has fully consumed my life now, you can thank this person
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