Eros or Cupid... ? Picture

Meet Eros.

This fellow is going to be alot of fun.

Kip thinking that Ceceilia was bad is going to have to deal with the original prankster Eros, also known as cupid.

And to make matters a little strange and even worse.

He's Ceceilia's Ex-boy friend.

How you ask?

You'll have to find out.

This character was just going to be an amusing baby herman like character with a gun at first but the more I develed into his history and mythology I wondered why no one did more with him.

And so I took my cue and the Greek god Eros a character is this comedy.

And even plays off the character Kips mild Homophobia. This more comes from finding out that Eros actually has no power over women, but Men!

So he can make men fall in love but his mother is the one with the power to woo the chicks.

His Bi-sexual nature is coming more from greek mythology than personal belief. Not that I'm against, in fact I had some friends that were pretty flamboyantly gay that were pretty cool.

He's also pretty good with the ladies too
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