Stupid Cupid-Things We Do4Love Picture

Was thinking of Eros Psyche myth and the disney movie Hercules (for some reason I'm starting to like that movie lol it's kina different than regular plan old sweet girl handsome hero type disney movie i think it might now be up to my second fav ) anyway I was wondering if Jupiter hadn't been nice and let Psyche become immortal than her and Eros wouldn't have been able to be together... unless he pulled a Hercules and choose to be mortal to be with his true love (love this myth soooooo much lol sigh) anyway his wings are all broken off here and he's kina depressed because well duhhhh.... realizing he'll never fly again or what not sigh..... but he's thinking of Pysche and how he loves her enough to do anything for her (the pic on top is them even if he looks like a girl) now he just has to go tell her what he's done

lineart this took few hours may color some point lol

the arrow he struck himself with is still in his leg

color finished version [link]
YES my imagination... ... ... ,.,, ,, ...?/???
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