Helios-God of the Sun Picture

I'm confused every time I submit something on deviantart since I 'm not sure if I choose a correct category#_#.

Anyway, thic pic was made some time ago for Polish manga illustration book I talked about in my previous journal. Finally, it is officiallly published and it's available in Poland.

The character- Helios, is my OC and can be found here: [link]
I'm afraid I did something wrong with the anatomy again but I dunno.. I have no patience to this baka picture D:. I tried my best to draw a mature bishie. Aghhhh.... It was a big pain in ass.

Helios is a God of the Sun and an older brother of Selene (Mizuki). He is rather optimistic, very sociable and reliable. He loves alcohol (especially coconut and banana drinks xD) and one day he also discovers he likes.. ekhm.. boys xD. Poor Thanatos- he is Helios' first love and victim XDDD. As the spoiler I can tell you Helios will find his true luv- Eros, the God of Love who most of the time takes a form of one sweet red- headed shota XDDD.
I hope you'll like it. This is my first serious attempt with layer blocking and putting the patterns. Many thanks to Radittz for the tips
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