Psyche's Curiosity Picture

This is a frame taken from the legend of Eros and Psyche, entered in the monthly art challenge at the ImagineFX forums in November 2008.

The ever-curious princess Psyche, an incredibly beautiful young woman who was revered rather than courted, followed the advice of an oracle in order to find herself a husband. She put on her veil and ascended a high peak, whose winds then carried her down to a vale where she was wed a man who she was to never see. Each night he would arrive and embrace her in his arms, but warned her that she should never strike a light to see him, or he would leave forever. Over time, loneliness and heartsick assailed her and, under the advice of her less-than-altruistic sisters, she lit a candle one night to see if she had truly wed a monster as they suggested. In fact, she had wed the god of Love, himself.
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