Curiosity killed the mortal Picture

Well, not really, it got the mortal changed into a Goddess, but besides that yes, good.

For those of you unfamiliar with Greek mythology, Eros is the God of love and Psyche a mortal princess. Eros accidentally pricks himself with one of his arrows and falls in love with her. He wisks her away to his palace where he sleeps with her every night but she's not allowed to see who he is. Psyche's curiosity gets the better of her and she secretly keeps a lantern by the bed and lights it after he's fallen asleep. She's so flabbergasted that her hubby's the God of love, not some monster, that she carelessly lets a drop of candlewax fall onto him. Eros wakes up, gets incredibly angry and leaves her. After doing a bunch of tasts for Eros' mother, Aphrodite, Eros decided to forgive her and she got turned into a Goddess. Happily ever after ensues.

Art and characters (c) *TheDutchesse

Media: Indian ink and ecoline.

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