Eros: Patron God of Slash Picture

Look, it's Eros, the patron god of slash!

No, really, look it up. You wondered why they would possibly need two gods for love? Aphrodite is for men and women, and, well, Eros is for men and other men. I guess they don't tell you that in a lot of mythology books.

Well, anyway, I'm actually making Eros a character in my SuWriMo. Sorry the pic is messy... ^_^;; I'm near the end of my sketchbook and need to conserve paper and all that, so I used a page that I had already erased on.

Hope you like it anyway...

Gave him red eyes because it's, umm, 'different'. Also, giving him blue eyes would make him look too much like Moondoggie from E7 to me.
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