Eros and Psyche Picture

The myth says that Eros, the God of Love (and Desire...), was assigned by his mother, Aphrodite, to make Psyche fall in love with an ugly and ferocious monster (Aphrodite envied Psyche beauty and wanted revenge, basically); but what Aphrodite didn't consider was that her son would fall in love with the beautiful Psyche and... here is my version for the remaining of the story:

Psyche was kidnapped and carried by Eros to the top of a mountain, and then, the opportunist god darted her with a love arrow and made her fall in love, but not with an "ugly and ferocious" monster, but with an "ugly and ferocious" god!! (ok... not ugly, not ferocious, but you catch the main idea, right?)... and Psyche, poor and innocent damsel, fell in love (what else could she do?)

A drawing made on August 19, 1995 (tuesday, btw), scanned few months ago and painted and retouched in Photoshop: it was modified a lot, I must say... In the original drawing, Eros' eyes were benevolent, and I didn't like them that way nowadays 'cause I think that malicious eyes are better suited for the ocassion.
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