Eros Picture

My version of Cupid (a possible ROTG character). Alot of deviants did Cupid (for ROTG) as a girl. But I decided to go with a guy because that's what he was originally in Greek Mythology.

Since I'm doing my own "Rise of the Guardians" fic, I thought I would bring in some new Guardians spirits for the fic.

And just to let you know, guys: When I do each Guardian, its more of a optional thing. I don't know if I'll use them or not. But just in case I do, I'll post them up for you guys to see.

Please inform me of any mistakes, but don't send any nasty comments. Otherwise, I'll block you out. And if you want to "show" my mistakes by using photoshop or any other drawing program, please ask me first.

Eros (c) me
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