Eros and Psyche Picture

Scene from the love story of Eros and Psyche where Psyche betrays Eros' trust and discovers who her husband really is. Yet another member of my greek mythology portfolio. I know this one doesn't look very "mythological" and you don't really know what's happening unless you know the story, but that's what I like about it. I wanted to do a piece where you weren't immediately thinking, "Hey, that's that one story where blah blah blah..." Again, photo isn't the greatest, but I just discovered the screen of my camera broke, so I was blindly taking pictures (jeez, what did we do before digital?). The colors in the original are a lot richer...tried to fiddle with it to get it similar, but it's still not perfect. Oh well. This is small enough to scan, but it needs to get some stronger fixative on it before I attempt that.

Pastels, 11" by 10"
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