Valentine Swap ft. Eros Picture

This is for
So I spent a while on this. I took a look at *
nalot's favorites and noticed alot of them had wings so I drew Eros the Greek god [also known as cupid in [Roman] mythology]

I know the style's kind of wierd, but I really didn't feel like doing a line art and personally I liked CGing this a lot more. I didn't get sick of it or anything, it was really fun to do since it wasn't so technical and I had more freedom. Note that this is my first try at wings so they're a little... random. and sorry for all the pictures of half-naked guys but all reference picture of eros were of his naked so I decided to just make him wear a toga for decency.

time err... it was done over three days but I only got to work like an hour or so everyday.
reference not really.. I looked at others to see what color hair and idea he was but I didn't use them.
dedication *nalot have a very happy valentines day.

next year, I better see you all participate in this swap.
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