Eros and Psyche Picture

I'm currently intrigued by Eros & Psyche, one of the best love stories yet unspoiled by Disney ^^

-- 'Who are you? Why did you marry me? How where you able to defy the curse of the great Aphrodite? Her hatred for me runs deeper than any ocean. But here you are.. I don't understand..'
-- 'Just trust me.. I will look after you.'

Jealous Aphrodite sends her favourite son to make the beautiful Psyche marry a vile creature. Instead, Eros is deeply moved by her beauty and decides to marry her in secret. The West Wind takes her to a far away caslte where she finds all she needs. Het mysterious husband only shows up at night, only to leave before sunset. All she needs to do is wait until the time is right (Aphrodite's anger has gone) so Eros can reveal his identity. But Psyche finally isn't able to control her curiousity when her jealous sisters tell her that rumour had it she had married a great and terrible monster who would devour her when the time was right.

In the light of the oil lamp Psyche recognizes the fair form on the bed as the god Eros himself. Mesmerized by his appearance, she does't see the drop of oil that falls from her lamp onto Eros' shoulder...
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