Eros and Anteros Picture

Eros and Anteros, two of the Greek gods of love. Eros is the more famous one, being the god of all things love and desire, while Anteros takes the domain of mutual or returned love. Depending on which ancient Greek you're listening to, they're either twins or Eros is the older brother. Either way, sources agree that they look alike except that Anteros has longer hair and "plumed" butterfly wings instead of bird wings like Eros.

The most popular story says that Aphrodite noticed that Eros (her son, in that version) was lonely, so she gave him a brother to cheer him up, all with the moral being that love can't be happy unless it's returned.

In any case, Anteros is generally the more more "mature" of the two. Eros had a habit of being a mischievous and occasionally cruel and a bit of a brat. Which is why he's got his brother by the neck.

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