Lady Ryyen Picture

I was pissed so I drew.
Mawr. Behold. Proof that I still do more than write and paint! MWuahaha! Enlarge or Death!
Rawr...this is totally the 'Screw the world, I'm uploading something Yay!The scanner works! Damn, now I have to colour it. 0h fragdammit I'll fix it up later' verison of this pic.
Inking is the devil. I didn't do it. In retrospect, I should have.BUT, I don't care.This is why we have editing apps.<3 Mechanical pecils are love.

Mawr...behold...If you expect a bio, you must be kidding me...fine. I'll explain:

Ryyen here can't decide on a name (Here Ryyen just said something) [Not listening!] and S0 -ahem- I am picking one for here (Insistence) [Still not listening!] So Ryyen it is. Because I said so. I can't stop drawing her. Though, this is the first time I've drawn so much of her at one time. Don't bother me about her eyes. Just don't do it. She sees you and thats all that matters. Mawr. Those are large golden rings around her abdomen btw. And for the blind/stupid/refuse to enlarge, that's a skull swinging from behind her. And yes, yes she has a patch of fur. Problem with it? -.-

Age: 0ld enough
Height: 6'5
Weigt: 165
Bust: Not sure
Waist: 22
Comment and Live.
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