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My OC contest thingymedue is officially closed. OCs sent in after this day will be used, but only for small appearances.

The game I was going to make has been cancelled as the computer is now in pieces, thanks to it basically starting to fall apart (Literally, it makes no sense, its like its just decided to break down into pieces), I wish I could keep making it, but that's life.

All the characters bellow are from the one on Fanfiction.Net. The second part is also mostly from FF.net, but that's simply because the one on that site was more well rounded than this, I blame it because the submition form was more detailed on that site, but meh. However, while only one character I accepted was from DA, that's because they were more well rounded than the rest on both sites. I apologize to those on DA, your OCs will be used, but in more minor appearances, mostly background characters.

Now, for the list, this is a copy of the submition form they gave me:


Name: Alexander Steven Rogers

Nickname/given name: Alex but also answers to Rog

Age: 17

Codename: Dynamo

Appearence: Alex is 6'4" and has a slightly muscular build but isn't overwhelmingly made of muscles. He has long, wavy, blonde hair that extends past his shoulders and is parted in the middle. To compliment this he has pale skin and bright green eyes. Although his hair is by far his distinguishing characteristic he has a large scar on his right forearm that is shaped like a fish. On top of this he has a decent amount of body hair, he's not furry like Logan but he isn't entirely clean-shaven of body hair either.

Power: Alex's body converts energy that one would gain from calories into highly efficient energy that serves three purposes. His body involuntarily speeds up his metabolism so he heals at a faster rate than a normal person (Although not as fast as Logan or X-23) and it keeps his brain functioning so he doesn't need to sleep. On top of this he is also able to channel this energy into destructive blasts from his hands.

Weakness: Alex's body requires a high amount of calories to keep going or else it starts to break down his cells to generate energy. This effect can also happen if he expends a large amount of energy during a training simulation or an actual battle.

Characteristics: Easy-going, quick at thinking on his feet and planning ahead (makes him a natural-born leader), authoritative (not authoritarian)

Flaws: Alex has a tendency to over-step his bounds because he thinks quickly so if he comes up with a plan when he's not in charge or being asked he is quick to dismiss other ideas. He is a brutally honest person which gets him into trouble sometimes because he will flat-out tell someone what he thinks. Despite being laid-back if he gets angry at someone he can be downright nasty towards that person if they get into an argument. He also has a sense of indestructibility to he sometimes makes decisions that endanger himself and others.

Personality: Alex is extremely laid back, oftentimes acting for comedic relief and cracking jokes either at his own expense or at the expense of others with an extreme sense of sarcasm. Despite this jovial characteristic he has a serious side which comes out when he is discussing politics, he is extremely liberal and will argue with people who go against his opinion. While arguing he has a tendency to be very hard headed and it is very difficult to change his mind. When it comes to flirting he is really bad at it because he overthinks what he's going to do or say, and if a girl starts flirting with him he generally misses it. He gets a lot of time alone because he is up all night so he spends that time either playing guitar, working out, or riding his motorcycle (which he loves to do at any point in time). He has an extremely good work ethic which comes from his background so if there's a job to do he gets to it and rarely complains about what needs to be done (as long as it's his way of doing things). On top of this, he has an extreme fear of heights and dislikes being in cars, hence riding the motorcycle.

Early history: Alex was born into a working class family in Buffalo, NY with his Dad working in a factory and his Mom being a nurse. This had a profound impact on him because he was always finding ways to entertain himself due to lack of money and he was being pushed in school to succeed by his parents. While he was learning to drive at the age of 16 he was driving back from a family get-together when he was cut off by a semi which clipped the front end, not knowing what to do he panicked and his car when into the concrete median. His mother was killed, his father was paralyzed and he was severely wounded which jump-started his power. After he came to he panicked about being stuck in the car and unknowingly generated an energy blast that pushed him through the crunched driver's side door. His dad told him to get help and he was able to flag down another driver who called 911. By the time the EMT's and police were at the car it was too late to save his mother and Alex went into shock as he saw his father being wheeled into the ambulance. Alex's father accepted disability which put the family in an even further bind but Alex started to support himself because he found that he did not need to sleep. His father encouraged him to seek out Xavier's school and help others because that is what his mother would have wanted him to do.

Family Relationship: Alex is an only-child and as you have seen above, his mother is deceased. His relationship with his father is very close and they talk on the phone at least twice a week. It's hard for him to be separated from his Dad but he keeps on trucking because he knows that it's for the best.

Relationship with each X-Men: He is generally viewed as a cool guy to hang around by most of the X-Men but he finds it very hard to connect with them, except for Rogue because they have similar music tastes (hard rock, heavy metal, industrial, etc.) He gets along with Kurt and Bobby pretty well because he is able to joke around with them. He tries hard to get along with everybody but at times he does have disagreements with everybody, which is normal.

Civvies: Alex generally sticks to plain colored t-shirts or band t-shirts and either jeans or shorts (but never jorts). He also wears crew-cut socks and sneakers (one of his personal quirks is that he hates ankle socks).

Second Civvies: All of his clothes are very plain and his style is modeled very much after Hyde on That 70s show so anything along those lines (band tees and jeans).

Beach/swim wear: He usually just wears a pair of gym shorts

Sleep wear/Underwear: Alex doesn't sleep but he does wear plaid boxers as underwear.

Athletic wear: Alex usually wears a white t-shirt and a pair of gym shorts with sneakers when he is working out.

Winter Wear: He usually keeps with the same clothes but if he's cold he throws a Buffalo Sabres hoodie on and wears his motorcycle jacket (black leather). He refuses to wear a hat but does wear his black ski gloves.

Battle/Training uniform: His eventual uniform is basically a motorcycle outfit, a black kevlar jacket and kevlar pants with black boots, (X-Men movie look)

Hobbies: Alex has a lot of free time so he spends it playing guitar (which he picked up after his mom died), reading, working out, or working on his motorcycle (Just bought a 2009 Honda Shadow Spirit 750)

Gags: He has several failed attempts at flirting with the girls (he has a crush on Amara)

If they were the victim of a prank what would it be: Usually the bucket of water on the door would get him.

Things they like: Listening to and playing music, the freedom of riding his motorcycle out and about, hiking, accomplishing something that was extremely difficult.

Things they don't: He hates modern music with his cut-off generally being the 90s and it has to remain within a heavier spectrum. Despite having his driver's license he dislikes being in cars instead he prefers to ride his bike. He doesn't really like swimming either.

Fear: He is extremely afraid of open-air heights such as riding in a helicopter or being on the edge of a cliff.

Recomendation: I actually don't have any reviews to build off of?

Ideal role: Leader would suit him because he is a such a quick thinker.

Permission to change, kill, or do anything I want to the character? I would prefer you don't kill him but it's your story and you may do whatever you want to him.

By: A-Rog, he will be the default main one as he is the leader, but the other's will be featured as well just as much.

Lancer/Second in Comand:

Name: Avalon 'Ava' Marie Bronte

Nickname/given name: Ava. Logan and Rogue call her Thundercat (no one else can get away with it

Age: 17

Codename: Tempest (Later:: Thundercat)

Appearence: Ava calls herself 'short' and knows others call her 'pretty'. She's 5'4", with honeyed tan skin (a product of her Greek-American heritage.) She has long, mocha hair that falls straight to the middle of her back. it is streaked through with Amaranth highlights (a shade of pink, a product of her mutation) and her eyes are a deep gunmetal. She is lean and fit, with a stereotypical cheerleader build, and she doesn't mind flaunting her body.

Power: Storms – She controls the more violent side of weather. She is most capable at calling thunderstorms and commanding lightning (which is amaranth, rather than white/silver) however, she is working steadily at commanding other storms, like snow, hail and ice. She can also create cyclones, derechos and other strong winds. When the environment allows, she can manipulate tidal waves and create fire storms, dust devils. Her greatest weakness is calling fog or other forms or cloud cover. She can manipulate air currents enough to levitate, but wants to learn to fly.

When she gains better control of her abilities, she can 'build' her lightning into creatures (she favours jungle cats, hence her new Allias of 'Thundercat') a shield or complete body armour.

She draws the energy for her ability from the static in the air, but in a desperate situation, she can draw on her own energy to power her ability. She really dislikes doing this because it takes her forever to recuperate, and if she were to lose control using her own energy for her power, she would likely die.

Weakness: Powers are not as effective underground as she draws on the natural electricity in the air to enhance her ability. Much of her ability is environment-dependent. (she can't make dust storms without sand, or fire storms without flame. To crate really powerful Drenchos, she needs to be near-ish water to draw on the feel of it.) When she cannot draw on natural power to enhance her abilities, they turn and drain her own energy. If this reaches an extreme, it actually drains her life-force and could potentially kill her.

Characteristics: Flirtatious, Studious, has temper-issues (she's know to have a short fuse, but she'd working on controlling it.), Loyal

Flaws: Her temper is her main flaw, she's also a little self-obsessed and opinionated. She's big on flaunting her body and likes to wear very tight clothes (so people call her a **)She's oblivious to peoples affection and advances if she isn't interested in them, she really sucks at melee combat.

Personality: Her parents were very 'high class' and tried to raise her to that extent, though she rejected most of their ideals. She likes to be a 'girly girl' but would much rather be on the football field or the ice with the boys playing football and hockey. She's very flirtatious and likes to get boys to do things for her 'just because she can.' Because of her appearance, she likes it when people (enemies) underestimate her.

She gets along better with the boys, because she is more comfortable with them. Girls tend to see her as catty or haughty and view her as 'competition.'

She can be quite cocky and bitchy when provoked, and is used to using her appearance (she's rather narcissistic as well) as a reason for this.

Despite everything, she is still rather boy-crazy.

Early history: She grew up in a high-class family with fairly well-off parents, with outdated ideals. She lead a normal, though somewhat extravagant, childhood and even after her mutation appeared, she was forced to keep up appearances. Her parents do not approve of their daughter's mutation and try and buy her off to shut her up whenever they can. Her parents and some authoritative medical figures tried to suppress and control her powers through medication, which she rejected.

Family Relationship: She had a very traditional family, just her parents and her. Her mother didn't beleive women should work, and stayed at home while her father worked as a Lawyer. Her mother pushed her ideals on Ava from a very early age, sparking her temper issues. Her relationship with her parents remains strained, and they have been known to send her lavish gifts as 'hush money (she received a Lexus SC 430 in Smokey Granite Mica when she moved to the institute)

Relationship with each X-Men: Ava gets along generally well with all of the X-Men, though she is closer with the boys. She is known to flirt with Bobby, and is attracted to Brian. She has a more grated relationship with the girls, and is known to butt heads with Laura, Jean and Jubilee. Although she gives Scott his due respect, she still thinks he needs to get the poll out of his **.

Civvies: A tight amaranth strapless top with distressed skinny jeans and black motorcycle boots paired with a cropped jacket,

Second Civvies: a 3/4 sleeve one-shoulder top that ends a few inches above her jeans, with a dark pair of flared jeans and a grey pair of her motorcycle heels.

Beach/swim wear: a bikini, though she has quite a few to choose from. she favours three: a black string bikini with silver spiral decal, a teal bandeau top bikini with a nautical themed white-and teal stripe criss-crossing the bust and matching ties on the bottoms. she also loves her simple string miss-matched bikini that has an amaranth top and black bottoms. She pairs it with black flips and a white terry-cloth beach cover

Sleep wear: Usually, she'll just curl up in a lavender sports bra and pair of black short shorts, but she is also fond of a pink cami and a pair of brown flannel pj pants decorated with pink and blue cupcakes (when its cold) or an oversized grey slashed teeshirt (falls off one shoulder) as a night gown that hits at her mid-thigh. She often wears her short-shorts under it as a 'just incase'

Underwear: just a simple bra and a pair of boyshorts (various colours)

Athletic wear: A sports bra and shorts (same as her sleep wear) will sometimes wear an athletic tank or a loose dry-fit tee-shirt. when its colder, she'll wear capri work out pants

Winter Wear: she wears a grey 3/4 sleeve peasant blouse over her skinnys and a pair of black uggs. Outside, she pairs her outfit with a black down-filled jacket, white scarf and matching gloves.

Battle/Training uniform: A storm-grey bandeau top, with an 2" cuff that wraps from the center of the top horizontally around her arms and back. she pairs this with a pair of short-shorts and knee-high heeled boots. She also wears angled cuffs on her forearms which loop around her middle finger.

Hobbies: Flirting with the boys, getting people to do things for her, shopping, reading, She loves to learn about Greek mythology and history.

Gags: the girls have been known to pull pranks on her (mostly Jubilee). Plus, when she looses her temper around water, she has a habit of shocking herself.

If they were the victim of a prank what would it be: Anything Jubilee could cook up, but she wouldn't be very happy about it.

Things they like: Boys, shopping, thunderstorms, driving fast, playing sports, drawing, doing her hair and makeup, playing the 'damsel' with the time calls for it, proving that she's just as good as any of the guys on the team despite her appearance and habits.

Things they don't: being rushed, being ignored or rejected. Being cast of just because she's a newer recruit, when people dont take her ,

Fear: loosing, loosing controle, hurting the people she loves. Spiders, Snakes, fire.

Recomendation: Marie (by Mew Phong) and Alex (by A-Rog)

Ideal role: She makes a good second-in-command, and a good strategist.

By: Ember Ice, I promise not to Wolverine her people, I know some people hate reading every OC story with her being overused, I'll avoid that.


Name: Judah Amos Abrevanel

Nicknames: Jude, but not many people call him that

Age: 15

Codename: Scales

Appearence: He is covered almost completely in light blue scales, save for his hands and face and parts of his neck. He has a normal build but is very underdeveloped because he spent the majority of his life in a bathtub. He has light brown eyes and curly brown hair. He has a very boyish look to him.

Powers: His scales are very hard and nearly bulletproof. He can also regenerate them and in a sense 'shoot' people with them.

Weakness: He is very physically weak. He has to use a special cream to hydrate his scales because they dry out so quickly. He is very insecure with himself and not sure how to act around other people.

Characteristics: Insecure and a bit shy, socially retared, not very trusting, always assumes other people judge him. After he makes more friends and learns he's not the only freak in the world he bcomes much more light hearted about things but is still very awkward. He is very good at caring out orders though, not the rebelious type.

Flaws: Most of them are the same as his characteristics. Too passive.

Personality:Judah is a gentle soul, a passive one. He was never allowed to play with other kids so he doesn't know what to do with a bunch of crazy personalities and people. He tends to go into to his little shell and act awkward and untrusting around people. Not untrusting like "they must be evil" but untrusting "they don't really like me they're just doing this to be nice". Despite his self esteem issues he does try to reach out to the fellow physically mutated people. After he befriends someone he might get a little clingy but he's always willing to do what they ask him to. He is a devout Jew and very strong in his faith.

Family Relationship: He's lived with his mom his entire life. They are incredibly close. He could never leave the bathtub for more then a few hours with out drying up so she became his best friend.

Relationship with each X-Men: He is very wary of all the new people because he never have had any friends before. Despite their differences in faith he becomes close to Kurt. He tends to bond with the physically mutated people.

Civvies:A gray polo shirt with khaki slacks. (his mother dressed him his entire life)

Second Civvies: A green polo with a pair of jeans

Beach/swim wear: A plain pair of trunks

Sleep wear/Underwear: prefers the nude but if not a pair of sweats and pain white shirt

Athletic wear:He doesn't get out much so he'd probably just wear his civvies

Winter Wear: A thick black jacket over his clothes with a gray scarf

Battle/Training uniform: A grayish green pair of trunks with an X-belt. Nothing else

Hobbies:He mainly reads, mostly sci-fi sorts of books. But he also enjoys swimming quite a bit or watching the news

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