Ate Picture

Or the little shit of ancient Greece. The goddess of Mischief in GREEK mythology. She's not Loki, and I made a joke at the bottom right corner.

Até is my OC for Disney Hercules. Mi not really into the fandom so she's also for anything that has to do with Greek mythology. She is one of Eris's many children and she's just as ancient as all the Greek gods but because she's a goddess she chooses to take on the form of a young girl. Her voice is that of a women's though. Which makes her all the more hilarious, because that's kind of what she does. Is hilarious.

She really enjoys to prank people obviously, trick people, outsmart dumbasses, so she is actually a lot like Loki but more obnoxious and not so obsessed with ruling people

The only person she respects is her mother ERIS from Sinbad. ERIS once told her daughter that flowers looked lovely in her hair. And since then has become obsessed with flowers (as seen in the bottom left corner). Wears them a lot to please her mother because all of Eris's children sort of compete with each other to gain her attention, which she gives rarely.

Até likes pranking, but when she's not pranking, she poofs out of no where during a conversation or situation she thinks is dumb and calls people out on their dumbness.

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