Lake Picture

Name: Lake

Age: 3,000 years

Gender: Female

Species: Nymph

Eyes: Dark brown

Hair: A dark green color, with lime green highlights.

Skin: A light green color.

Clothes: A Light blue sweatshirt that goes slightly over her hands, and a long brown skirt that reaches down to her ankles. Carries around a brown messenger bag.

History: Lake is a Nymph of Lake Erie, she has been living for many years, she comes to shore and lives in a little cabin beside the lake, she doesnt really need to because she originally lives in the lake, but she perfer it if she lived like a normal human. She seems more like a forest Nymph than a like nymph which is why people get her mixed up sometimes. Lake goes to school like any normal teenager, but she goes to a normal school where she has to hide her true self in order to fit in. She is very silent when she goes to school, she doesnt like to speak, boys seem to fall for her voice which sound like angels singing. In one of their classes they talk about mythology, but the teacher is noticing how nervous she gets when he talks about nymphs, most of what he talks about seems to be lies

Lake (c) me
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