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I tired to make her hair just as lovely as her son's Surok [link]

Name: Eris (Her name is rather ironic if you know your ancient Greek mythology)
Age: 40
Gender: Female
Race: Betazoid
Job: Retried Ambassador, Counselor
DOB: December 1
Other Info:

Eris is a laid back person, which her son inherited. Informally she likes to be called by her first name but the formal and proper way she should be called "Daughter of the First House of Betazed, Princess, 3rd to the Throne of Betazed." But she wanted something more than being treated as a royal. She became an ambassador, she got away from Betazed and explored. One trip to Vulcan and she met her future husband, Tavek (Not to be confused for the Vulcan from "The Seventh" the episode).

It took a while to crack a dense Vulcan into marrying an "emotional" female. But they ended up marrying two yeas after meeting each other, and they were happy. Sadly Tavek's family didn't approve of the match because he was to marry a Vulcan female. As time passed, the family got use to the idea of having a Betazoid married to their son. Within the first year of marriage, Eris gave birth to a son, Surok.
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