Mars Picture

Aquiletan number two of mine; created at the same time as his mate, Eris. If you're wondering about the names; yes, I like mythology, and no, I didn't base their character off said namesake. I just wanted something that would go with 'Eris', so I came up with Mars.

Name: Mars
Means- Roman version of the Greek god of war
Breed: Aquiletan
Age: 5
Gender: Stallion
Fave sweet: watermelon
Personality: Despite his name; Mars is not a fighter...Except when it comes to defending his territory and his mate, Eris (not that she really needs it). Mars is a gentle stallion with a calming nature and air; which is good for Eris's constant temper. Mars is the gentle, kind, quiet stallion who keeps to his own and only speaks when he deems necessary...Total opposite of Eris, but the perfect match for the firey mare.

Edit 9/26/12: Forgot to mention that Mars is a represention of my well-known passive side that I usual exhibit. I guess you could say that this pair is both sides of my dual personality
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