Tablorn Picture

He's a Sevek, from the same planet as [link]
Name: Tablorn
Family: Homopellicula
Species: Homopellicula Malignus (common name is Sevek)
Gender: Male
Age: 32 Eris years (25.5 Earth years)
Specifics: His teeth are uncommonly serrated, and extra strong. His colours are unusual.
Personality: He holds grudges for a long time, and has a tendency to pay them back ten fold. His mean, violent demeanor is only broken around his sister, Lelta. He is extremely intelligent, and plays mind games with others to torture them, which gives him sick pleasure.
Relations: Lelta, his younger sister by 6 years. His mother, Andrea, is dead. His father Spokus, is nowhere to be found. His mate Kyleta died along with his mother.
Backstory: His unusual colours made a lot of other Seveks dislike him, not unlike racism here on Earth. The only ones he had in his life were his family, and his only friend Kyleta. He met Kyleta at the age of four, when her parents were injured due to a battle between their pack and their rival pack, and Tablorn's family knew how to heal injuries to some degree. Him and Kyleta became best friends, and his sister loved her since she was born. Some years later, when he was about seven, and she was six, he realized he was holding feelings for his only friend. Terrified that she'd leave him if he told her, he kept those feelings a secret for the next twelve years. The only one he told that secret to was his baby sister, Lelta. Some time when he was nineteen he has worked up the courage to tell her how he felt, and to his surprise she admitted she loved him too. That is when they had become official mates, and those were the happiest times of his life. Those times ended too soon, sadly. Seven years after, him, his mate who was expecting their young, and his family were sleeping in the daylight. It was an unusually dry day, which is why when the fire broke out throughout their forest, it spread like a monster. He had awoken to the shriek of his little sister, and as his surrounding came into focus, he was horrified. The others were inches away from the fire while Lelta was right next to him. His life broke into three pieces as he watched his mother, father, and his loving wife, perish in the flames. His only instinct was to run after that, so he snatched his sister and ran off to the nearest body of water. He waited long hours into the night, for the fire to die off. Lelta sobbed heavily, leaning into his chest. But he was still in shock as to what happened, unable to react. The next day when the pack went to find the bodies of the deceased, he saw only the burnt remains of his mother and mate. This is what broke him, and his wails could be heard from miles around, the sound of agony. After this event, he was no longer himself. He was violent, unforgiving, and protective for his only hope left, his sister. But he never knew where his father was after that day, they never found his body, nor did they ever see him again.
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