La Vie Boheme Picture

:3;; So I listen to RENT. Shut up. (I'm probably the only La Boheme fangirl in the world, though. xD)

Spirits can change form, but they have two that they always return to--"trueform." One is Fae in form, the other is their bird. However, the Dragon Spirit--being teh most specialest Spirit evar--has three trueforms. (He used to only have two; the third comes from the reincarnation.) One is the Vampiric form that you're familiar with, the other being his Dragon form, which is completely animal--it's sort of a mix of Eastern and Western dragons. Then there's this. It's called his Divine form (...for some reason *shrug*), and it's a mix of Vampiric and Dragon with its own special quirks. The four arms, for example. There's also a third eye, which you can't see because it's hidden by his hair and it's closed anyway. xD; He considers it to be his truest trueform--if that makes any sense.
I've been playing a lot with this lately, and am using it as 'Hari's permanent form on Three Parts, so I figured I might as well draw it. x3;; Done 100% on Painter Essentials with my (brand shiny new) tablet (and godDAMN does my shoulder hurt x.X). The result is not half bad, if I do say so myself--look, toes! I actually drew toes!--and it's got rather an interesting quality to it that makes me think of a child's drawing. O.o; But that's not bad, I think... I kinda like the young drawn-with-crayon look. It suits him, too. XD (So like. Ignore the white splotches. << >> << Say they add to the childlike qualities. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

Here's a game: Name That Influence. XDDD GOD it's like five different mythologies wrapped into one. WTF. (But if you can, you get a cookie. :3)

I think I'm gonna go lie down in a corner and die now. Gaah, hate being sick... *rubs head*
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