Melin - OA Application -Edit- Picture

Name: Amelinda (Melin [pronounced May-lin]) Dolo Beate

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Height: 4' 10"

Weight: 103 lbs

Race: Undine

Additional Information about Race: Undine are a type of elemental water-spirit or water nymph. They used to live in ponds or waterfalls in forested areas but throughout the years have begun living in houses near lakes or rivers. When they come of age, they leave their parent's home and live on their own. They have beautiful voices, which are sometimes heard over the sound of water. They are immortal. However, if they are to fall in love with a mortal, they will lose that immortality. Any children they have with the mortal will not be immortal.

Personality: Melin is a very shy girl. She keeps to herself and often avoids others. Unless spoken to, she doesn't speak. Most of her time is spent reading books in her father's library, the quiet surroundings and all the books comfort her. She wants to make friends but she's afraid that people won't like her.

Likes: Water, books, art, pretty colors, turtles, sweets, people who are nice to others, turquoise

Dislikes: Fire, mean people, weapons, spicy foods, sour foods/candies

Bio: When Melin was small, her father was caught and killed by a fisherman. Ever since then, her mortal mother has kept her under lock and key. Even years and years after the fact. She was homeschooled from the time she could walk. Although, when her mother heard of OA from her late husband's friends, she thought maybe this would be a chance for Melin to make friends and learn things she couldn't teach her, especially since she would we so far from the dangers that caused the loss of her father. Most of Melin's time is spent in the library. She's always wished she could be normal, with friends and family. But the only person she's ever spoken to is her mother. Whenever she's alone, she sits at her window and stares out at the sky, dreaming of having the lives of the heroins in her books. But, she's never acted on her dreams. So nothing has changed in her life so far. Every day is the same.

Any Talents?: Swimming, she can write short stories and poems that are very good but also usually very erie, she can move and bend water and other liquids to her will, physcially strong, fast runner and swimmer.

What about Weaknesses?: Fire, and weapon can and will easily harm her, prone to catching illnesses, clumsy and often ends up hurting herself, cannot speak well in front of others.

Preferred Dorm: Equa

General Additional Information: She has a small pet turtle named Teebark.
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