Eternal Sailor Star Orion Picture

Its Orion's form! :3 I saw that Sailor Earth did hers and I was like why the hell not. It goes with the story of SMOCT with Eris's wish. Orion wish was to get stronger to be able to avenge her fathers death and so she gain some new powers and was able to transform into her Eternal form.

Alot of people have actually been bothered/bugged me about why she never had a sailor collar. My reason was cause she was not part of Sailor Moons scouts/world/realm(Even thou story wise she does meet up with Sailor Moons group). But when in need, if Sailor Moon were to ever call upon the scouts, Orion's outfit would change to a normal scout uniform for the time until her powers weren't need any more and she would go back to her normal uniform.

In her Eternal form she is suppose to look more like an archer, and mythology wise look like a hunter. So I did some changes and gave her a half cape(that is see through and if people want to can see it as her Sailor Collar) and some armor and a belt around her waist. Her skirt also has a see through layer on top of it. Made her boots to a thigh high and add her plant symbol to her arm.

So over all I think this is my best yet, and I am super proud of it and the coloring! Yay for awesome paper for copics! :3

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