To The Most Beautiful Picture

This actually started by reading a fact reminding me about the fact that Hera and Aphrodite actually have a famous myth in which they both feature. Granted, we don't have a Athena, but it was close enough. After reading that, I was hit with an idea to draw all the villains together, because why not? Originally, Leila was going to play the Athena part, holding a Greek helmet,, I can't draw Greek helmets, and he part didn't really suit her very well.

So instead she gets to play Eris, and holds the apple which sparked the Trojan war. It works because she does sort of look like how I'd picture Eris, to be honest. And she's mostly teasing them more than anything else, reminding them of what happened rather than having the contest. Aphrodite glares at the apple, because I guess she doesn't like the reminder, whereas Hero glares at Aphrodite, because she's still sore that she won the contest, and not her. But what did she expect? Aphrodite is the goddess of love, for God's sake, and Hera is an evil, vindictive harpy. Seriously.

This is my first time drawing Hera, and I didn't really realize that she and Aphrodite sort of look alike in mortal form as well. I suppose it's only fair, since I stole her goddess dress, that ~callisto-chan stole her sensible look.
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