My First Kiss... Picture

Ok, I don't care what anyone says, Hypnos is a good person, he gave me this idea in a dream and her was a genius xDD

Ok, so it started when Eri had just been freed from Ares' control and the Bronze Saints took her back to Saori's Mansion to heal her wounds. Shun is nursing her while the others are talking down stairs. They then go upstairs to check on her then she actually wakes up when Shun touches her. She stares at him for a while like he's and alien. He greets her by saying hello, then out of no where she grabs his face and kisses him. They she says that she loves him and asks him to accept her feelings, then gives him a long hug. xDD

>w< Eri can be so bold. If she likes someone she'll show it and not be afraid. That dream was so good, I woke up in the middle of the night, got my idea pad and wrote it down so I wouldn't forget. xDD That lucky dog!!!

Cassiopeia Eri (c) Me
Andromeda Shun (c) Masami Kurumada
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