Observatory Void Picture

EDIT: I changed some things in here.

Something for my "Your Smile, I Crave" story I wrote. A young, young human Discord, being shown an observatory in his home: the Void. His mother, Eris, pets him on the head, as he smiles.

Of course, the background doesn't look its best... But, this new Paint I'm using doesn't have awesome brush effects like I use to use... I won't excuse it, though.

I thought up an observatory idea, because how else does a Goddess of Discord watch over the universe and cause mishap? Space, astronomy, planets, and the stars. Young Discord watches the world, with his mother by his side, in the black and violet void that is home to them. Away from the human world, away from space and time. They are kept safe in a observatory void.

Saturn is my favorite planet. That's why it's right THEEEERE.

(Everytime I say "void", I keep thinking of the Dark Brotherhood. Damn, Sithis is waiting for you, Discord. Lol.)
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