IAGT : The Prince Roster I Picture

IAGT (It's a god thing) is an old project of mine. I tried making it in my previous partnership, but it sadly never took off. I decided though that instead of getting rid of it, I should give it another try.


IAGT was made because of my love and nerd-ery for World Mythology. It revolves around the old gods moving about in the realms and different multi-verses (such as Cyriah and Eonia, Destinn and others).

There is a prophecy in many mythological canons about the end times, when man will be corrupted, their faith in the gods will be replaced with faith in themselves alone. They will become godless, wicked and cruel, deceitful and selfish. And then the wrath of god shall come upon them in the last days, when they least expect. The world will end and the cycle shall begin anew...

Or maybe not.

In the realm of forgotten gods, who seek to be worshiped and followed again. They continue their roles as protectors of man against unknown, powerful beings that dare destroy the worlds. But now the pantheons are divided, some gods want to end it all and start anew while some gods want to continue and give all living beings in the multi-verses another chance.

But the former group does not play so nice.

Lead by the god of corruption, Mott and his brother Yamm, the gods who seek destruction begin to spread discord among the worlds with only one goal: the apocalypse, the end of all things.

On the other side, is the merciful Canaanite Father god, El. He wants to give mankind a chance and is alarmed when the best warrior god of all his son Baal Hadad, had disappeared. Fearing for the worst, he calls in the Crafter god, Kothar-wa-Khasis.

...Even though he *may* not be what you call fearsome, he at least gets the job done. Or does he?


Name: Kothar-wa-Khasis
Age: Thousands of years old, one of the eldest gods in all pantheons
Official Pantheon: Canaanite/Levantine
Also Known As: The Crafter god, Dispenser of Information, Lord of the Seasons, Hey You, That Guy Over There, He's Really Smart but He Acts Like a Dumbass Sometimes, Is Lady Asherah Really Sleeping With That Guy?

Hair Color: Crayon Red
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 173 cm. (5'8 ft)

Likes: Steak, Computers and Laughing at Phallic images (which really annoys Shiva and his son Karatikeya), inventing stuff (as expected, much to El and Asherah's dismay, although she thinks it's cute. He thinks it's headache inducing). He also likes libraries, but he tends to get lost and forget what he's there to do in the first place. Oh, yes and those awesome looking movements humans do called Martial Arts.

Best Friends: Narada (from Hindu Myth he thinks that guy is a hoot), Baal (from Canaanite/Levantine. But he thinks his buddy needs to take a chill pill).

Weapon/s: The Last Resort (Walking Staff/Cane with hidden blade and pistol)

Name: Lugh
Age: Thousands of years old, one of the First Ones.
Official Pantheon: Celtic
Also Known As: The Shining Prince, The Prince of the Bow and Arrow, Lugh the Long-Handed, Fierce-Striker, Equalled-In-Many-Arts, That Guy Really Needs To Lighten Up, Why Does He Look So Mean?

Hair Color: Ebony
Eye Color: Green
Height: 173 cm. (5'8 ft)

Likes: Hunting (especially archery), Sparring, Camping and Outings, Explosions and those wonderful things humans call "Action Movies", Those awesome things humans call "guns", And those things which are like action movies that has everything else he likes which Kothar calls "computer games". Oh, and of course, women.

Best Friends: Baron Samedi (from Carribean Myth, but sometimes he thinks that guy is so creepy) and of course, Goddess Danu (because she's friendly, patient and understanding... and hot).

Weapon/s: Irish Bastard Sword, Golden Bow and Arrow

Name: Huitzilopochtli
Age: Thousands of years old, one of the First Ones.
Official Pantheon: Aztec
Also Known As: The Hummingbird Prince, Lord of the Sun, Protector of Technotitlan (defunct name), The Fair-Skinned Lord, The Feathered King, Hey You, Get Off My Lawn, Hey You, Give That Back, That's Mine

Hair Color: Light blonde
Eye Color: Amber
Height: 182 cm (6 ft)

Likes: Food, Shiny bauble and trinkets, collecting things, sketching and art, practicing magic, old artifacts.

Best Friends: Tlaloc (Aztec Rain god) and Malinalxochitl (Aztec Sorceress goddess)

Weapon/s: Short and Long Spade Daggers


IAGT, and these versions of these gods (c) ~primakyria
Dolls/Art made here: azaleasdolls.com/prince.html
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