Discordia Picture

Name: Discordia
Height: 6’0”

Discordia originates from the genetic material of Chaos, through vertical gene transfer*, and is a parasite, like its precursor. When its host weakens or wearies, it exploits the weakness to seize control of its system and psyche, often resulting in the modification of host behavior and physical form. Discordia is a further mutated and developed entity from its predecessor with its own perception as well as its own personality, and is generally more complex and adaptable.

The parasite that is Discordia has coevolved with its host, Florence, since conception. This long-term coevolution has lead to a relatively stable relationship between the two. Florence has evolved to cope with the unavoidable presence of the parasite, to the point that Discordia’s absence would cause its host harm. As it’s in Discordia’s evolutionary interest for its host to thrive, it keeps its host alive, preventing her from dying, and also recovers her body completely from severe injury and sickness when they threaten.

Discordia is referred to as “she” due to being identified as a female life form.

She possesses long tentacles that stem from her skull, and these tentacles are very sensitive to vibrations as well as temperature like a snake tongue, and she uses them as a lethal weapon since it is capable of absorbing energy, magic, and even spirit energy, from a living organism, draining them of life.

Discordia’s presence is always a menace due to her abilities and tendencies to cause massive cataclysms and storms; Florence is afraid of her once she learns of what Discordia is and what she is capable of.

The name Discordia is derived from Roman mythology, and is the name of their goddess of strife and discord. Discordia is the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess of discord, Eris.

Strengths: Earth, Wind

Weaknesses: Water, Fire

*Vertical gene transfer occurs when an organism receives genetic material from its ancestor, e.g. its parent or a species from which it evolved. -- Wikipedia


Finally done with an illustration of Discordia, another one of my fan/original characters. She is Florence's "alter-ego" whom she can't control, and fears beyond anything else. The existence of Discordia as her other half is not only Florence's greatest fear and source of frustration, but also the source of the identity crisis that she suffers. She often asks herself what it entails to be a woman, and what it entails to be a human; what the purpose of her existence may be; what her life would have been like if she would have had a mother; who/what she is; and often feels that she cannot live up to the expectations from the people around her; being the only child of a woman who is still loved, even beyond the grave, Florence feels she can't be the person she wishes to be, due to Discordia.

Demons aren't my specialty; I'm not so good at drawing them, so bear with me. But I have to say, that I thoroughly enjoy developing and writing the story of Florence and Discordia; the conflict is so intriguing to me, and genetics is even more so. : )

Criticism is not entirely discouraged, but I already know the flaws, so I don't really want any this time. Thanks!

Texture: ~struckdumb
Pose reference: *SenshiStock
Edits and improvements: *ChibiKinesis - Thanks a lot, you're a lifesaver! : )
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