To the Prettiest Picture

-began Eris to the assembled godesses, with a glare that could cut glass
"I give this golden apple as a symbol of your superiority
to your lesser kindred dieties." and she tossed that metalic macintosh
to a spot in their center setting them to bicker and bite claw scratch
in order to grap that prize of perfect beauty.
Vanity had to be one of the primary character faults of thos gods and godesses
-aside from Eris, that is.
Eris was so embarrased by association with them
that she became an icon of anger and directionless rage
so that there would be no mistake as to how far out of their club she really was.
So as the lords watched the ladies wrestle
discord was given a divine vassel, mistress and master all at once
Praise Eris
courtesan of chaos she
the cackler of cacaphony, to embody pandemonium undone and free
All hail discordia the wake in us of her mad rush
to set the scales against those
who would in decadence, lord over us.
---------------------------------------- ---------------

I get a lot of porn spam in my email. Try as I might to unsub from them I keep getting it like it were the legendary hydra, unsub from one and two pop up to take its place. Every now and then I use some of it in my art as a way of saying "the bandwidth was not taken up in vain" and in order to make beauty out of garbage. The models in this pic are from porn spam.

There are nearly unseeable satelite photos of hurricanes, one of earth and one of the antartic courtesy of the NASA image exchange.
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