ILIAD part 1 Picture

EN.: my italian teacher asked us to draw an Iliad comic... and this is my result!! I want to advise you: THIS IS ONLY A SKETCH... I think I can do better. U.U" I've drawn this in a hurry, so be understanding. U_U" enjoy!! ^w^
(picture 1) "Everybody was invited to Peleus and Thetis' marriage: gods and humans who banquetted togheter cheerfully..."

(picture 2) "The only one who wasn't invited was Eris, the discord goddess"
Eris: "WHAT!!!!!"

(picture 3) Eris (thought): "I want revenge... I leave here on the table a special apple... They'll repent for not having invited me!!"

(picture 4) the apple says "to the most beautiful goddess"

(picture 5) the three goddesses (Aphrodites, Athena and Hera) saw the apple...

IT.: la mia prof di italiano ci ha chiesto di disegnare un fumetto sull'Iliade... e qst è il mio!! vorrei avvertirvi ke qst è SL UNO SCHIZZO... penso di poter fare di meglio. U.U" l'ho disegnato in fretta, quindi cercate di capirmi. U_U" spero vi piaccia!! ^w^
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