A Lady with a Knife Picture

(Also Clashing Colors)

She is more or less a legend. An entity from the urban mythology.

In the Eris Metropolis, where she operates, she is a real person. A dangerous character to become involved in.

The stories circulated around rumor her to be the sole reason for the disappearance of the Regal Porcupine Guild.
Imagine that. A gang specialized in special-operations combat completely wiped out by a single assassin.
A lady with only a twisted-looking knife, a warm-green colored sweater, and a scarf that seemed to be made of dull flame.

There are also individuals who claimed to have exchanged blows with this character and managed to escape with their lives.
Blindingly fast, they said. Her movements were swift, silent and deadly, and no eye could keep her in sight. Guns were useless; by the time the shot was fired, she was no longer there.
Just as the flame flickers for only an instant, her knife is only revealed for only a brief moment.
Next thing you know, they claimed, you are on the ground, bleeding, cut down by this mysterious, ghostly lady.

None of the active Guilds in Eris openly claim to be affiliated with this legend. No one knows who she is, why, or even how.

Not that they really care.


Pencil sketch, colored in Photoshop.
Many thanks to ~struckdumb and `Princess-of-Shadows for the special textures.

And most of all, my greatest thanks to all of you here on dA.

With love,

♥ ~ a e o n
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