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Yep, you got me, Descendant isn't the ONLY series I'm working on, Hell, I have a LOT of series' planned in this madness I call a mind, this here is one of em, a fighting series based off martial arts and mythology, BLOOD DRAGON

basically the story is this:
a long time ago, when the world was still young, there stood an island guarded by the seven dragon deities. The fire dragon, The water Dragon, The earth Dragon, the wind dragon, The light dragon, the dark dragon, and the king of them all, the blood dragon. These seven dragon gods protected the island and watched over it's people, until a corrupt sorcerer tried to destroy the very balance of the world and enslave the dragons to rule over the world. The seven dragons combined there powers and destroyed the dread sorcerer, mending his flesh into a hideous abomination, from then on, he was known as "Mutoid". After Mutoid's demise, the dragons sealed him and the island under the sea, much like the city of Atlantis. for years the island remained frozen in time within the depts of the ocean, but now, years have passed, now in the 21st century, the island has re-risen from it's slumber, awaiting fighters from all over the globe to become it's champion and discover it's mysterious secrets. Some wish to uphold justice and use the island's secrets to bring peace, but others seek out to use it to destroy the very balance of the universe, much like Mutoid. Who will rise up and claim victory to decide the very fate of the world? Only one way to find out... Round 1! FIGHT!

There are many fighters in this world of mine, but these 8 are the main heroes. Here are there names and stats:

"Father...I will bring peace to the world! No matter what the cost!"
Gender: male
Age: physically 19, but he is about a thousand years old.
Origin: Dragon isle, Son of the Blood Dragon.
Fighting style: Swordsman.
Bio: Of all the characters, Arturas is the Main-protagonist of the series. He is the middle son of the blood dragon's three children, of the three, Arturas represents Good and Purity, and will stop at nothing to keep the peace and protect Dragon isle and the world from evil. Like the people of Dragon isle, Arturas was frozen in time for thousands of years, but after a long slumber he reawakens, unknowing of the trials that lie ahead for him in the new world. Arturas was Trained by a Man named Shien, who was the greatest fighter on Dragon isle, he taught Arturas everything he knew, from Swordsmanship to Self-Defense, Arturas Respected him, Called him Master, and was the Closest thing Arturas had to a father besides his true father, the Blood Dragon. When Arturas first awakened into the 21st century, He was confused by the new world. Automobiles, Video-games, Cities, Guns, they were all a slow concept to him, but soon he adapted to the modern world and Everything it offered, Fighting off any evil hat lurks in the Back-alleys and mountains. He mainly fights with a sword, but does know martial arts. He uses the power of light and justice to lead him to victory.

-Major Sergeant Owen Williams(Sarge)
"When I got this assignment...they said nothing about me fighting fairy tales."
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Origin: United states, Washington D.C.
Fighting Style: Special ops training
Bio: A soldier of fortune if there ever was one. Owen Williams, Though prefers to go by Sarge, is a legend among the soldiers of the special forces. Though he has kind of an attitude and gets angry easily, but under that harsh military Commando lies a heart of gold. Sarge utilizes his Spec ops training and martial arts skill to fight with the occasional Grenade and handgun thrown in. Like many of the fighters, he seems to have mysterious powers, His powers allow him to charge up energy flowing through his body into a glowing ball of energy then when charged enough he lunges a blast of energy forward that explodes upon impact. No one knows what this move is called, but sarge just calls it "The flash bang", due to it flashing upon impact like a flash grenade.

-Eris Lockheart
" When it comes to fighting, the boys better watch it when I'm in the ring"
Gender: Female
age: 23
Origin: United states, Seattle Washington.
fighting style: Free-style kick boxing
Bio: Eris Lockheart is a pro Kick-boxer from the united states. Winner of over a dozen medals and trophies, she doesn't fight for the fame, she fights for the sport, and is always ready for a new challenge. Eris Heard about Dragon isle from the news and it said there was a boat heading there for a tournament, Eris Gladly Boarded the boat, hoping to find some new fighters and Strengthen herself up a little. As modest as she is, she has full confidence in her skill deep inside. Eris has fists of steel and kicks that could shatter any man's pride in seconds, She has unusual brute strength and can slam someone into the earth with one strike. In other worlds, the powers of earth, super strength, But only when she wants to use her super strength. So watch what you say around her, unless you want to be in the earth's crust.

-Lee Kazimoto
"My training has been passed down for generations, you could never match my speed"
age: 26
Origin:Japan, Tokyo
fighting style: Taijutsu
Bio: Trained in Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, and Swordsmanship, Lee Kazimoto is a Japanese secret agent ready to strike enemies with high speed. Lee is the Descendant of a powerful Ninja Clan, who was infamous for slaying kings, Nobleman, and Renowned Warriors. Lee is also Heir to a Weapon's Company owned by his Grandfather, Kazimoto Zaibatsu. Lee's Ninjutsu has been passed down for thousands of years, and he aims to pass on the legacy. Nothing is known of what Lee's purpose is with Dragon isle, but one thing is certain, Lee will stop at nothing to claim victory. Lee's training has given him super high speed and the art of illusion, able to trick his foes then take them down with a single strike. Basically, Lee is a Ninja in a Tuxedo.

-Nicholas Feenix
"When it comes to Vegas, I'm a wild card, when it comes to fighting, I'm an ace in the hole!"
Gender: Male
age: 23
Origin: United states, Las Vegas
fighting style: Street Brawler
bio: Nicholas feenix, The wild card of Vegas, was born and raised in the slums of Sin city, learning to fend for himself from his father, he always attracted danger, everywhere he went was a street fight waiting to happen. Nicholas had a hard time growing up due to his divorced parents, between learning to be a fighter from his dad, and learning to be a gentleman from his mother, he eventually took his dad's side when his mother unknowingly died while on duty in the police force. Thus he was raised to be a thug, gambling in the casinos, partying in the clubs, doing his time in the slammer, he is a true citizen of Las Vegas. Nicholas has the strange ability to manipulate fire, much like a phoenix, he can recover from wounds in a fight in seconds and can finish his foes off with flames coming off his Punches and kicks. Rock is his best friend and the two walk the streets of vegas all the time.

"Oh yeah! Now things are starting to get good! BRING IT ON!"
Gender: Male
Origin: United states, Grew up in Brooklyn, but moved to Vegas after a while.
fighting style: Self Defense and martial arts learned from kung-fu movies.
Bio: Rock was born in Brooklyn and much like Nicholas, had a hard time growing up. From his drunk abusive father to his violent anger-driven mom, he had it ruff as a child, but he had his older brother to keep him going, his brother was a saint compared to his parents. Rock learned self defense and various martial arts from his brother, though sadly, during an accident at a tournament, his brother got his legs crushed by a brute thug he was up against. after witnessing his brother's downfall, rock ran away from home at the age of 17 after his father and mother got into a huge fight destroying the house in the process. with his brother at his side, they eventually came across Las vegas, there he met Nicholas through an unexpected fight one the sidewalk. As Rock grew older, he found a new outlook on life, and for the first time in years, he was happy, Positive, and Ready to take on the world. Rock has the powers to manipulate wind, he can use the currents of the wind to his advantage,helping him strengthen his punches, or giving him temporary levitation, Rock is ready for anything you throw at him.Nicholas is his best friend and the two walk the streets of vegas all the time.

-Kai Ryusaki
"Hm....You've brought this on yourself......"
Gender: Male
age: 17
Origin: Japan, Tokyo
fighting style: fist of the Red dragon
Bio: Kai is a Japanese high-school student who has good grades, Great physical health, but is always getting himself into fights, there isn't one moment where he isn't fighting another student. He learned from his grandfather and lives with his mother and a mysterious little girl named Rinn. Kai has devoted his life to protecting this little girl after meeting her in a back alley surrounded by thugs. Kai beet them all and swore his life to protect Rinn, even if it costs him his life. Kai learned a strange martial art from his grandfather known as "The fist of the Red dragon" which combines modern karate with tai-chi. Kai has unusual speed and strength for someone his age, making him a fast-paced fighter like Lee. It will be interesting to see what he does in the dragon isle tournament.

-Riley Greene
" I'm not just a soldier girl...I'm the girl who's gonna kick your ass!"
Gender: female
age: 27
Origin: United states, Arizona
fighting style: Special ops training
Bio: Riley is Sarge's squad-mate and partner, Along with Sarge, she executes any mission with finesse and power. Riley is loyal to Sarge and follows him into battle whatever the operation. Riley is serious most of the time and stresses herself to impress her commander, but in truth, she likes to relax and meet people. She is a unique soldier like sarge, not only with the eye deformity, but she also has the same energy power as sarge. She uses this energy to weaken the opponent to the point where they can be taken down with a single touch. Her powers consists of draining the opponent's fatigue and charging it into a strong punch or kick. Riley mainly uses her special ops combat training along with her handgun. but unless you want to find yourself without energy, you best stay on her good-side. Sarge taught her how to use the "Flash bang", but she rarely uses it.

Phew...Finally...and there you have it, the main heroes of dragon isle and the story of Blood Dragon, If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. till then, later.

Logo art/ME.
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