- Tribal Picture

Drawn: 2/5/10

THUS the cartoon style makes an appearance yet again.

And a simplistic rendition of one of the numerous renditions of Gods/Goddesses.... blah blah blah. Perhaps the physical form she partakes when searching for a mortal consort.

Or destroying crap.

Whichever plays closer to her unpredictable little heart.


Finally got around to drawing ONE of the numerous Deities that putter about the universe within my characters universe. A very early preliminary design, but eh, at least drew something to base it off of when redesigning it in the future.

Any who, this is a Protogenoi, an ancient Goddess of Light and Chaos. In terms of basis/inspiration, she would be similar to Eris, Aether, and Hemera of Greek Mythology.

EH, still need to come up with a name. At some point.


Obviously she be the sister to the Goddess featured here.

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