EA: Emil Yirriru Picture

Name: Emil Yirriru
Age: 109 (22 when he died)
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7"
Grade: N/A (teacher)

Dorm: N/A

Soul color: Orange

House: Spade

- Sports, mythology, history, orange objects, science, spicy/sour food, cherries, giraffes

- Math, irritating squeaky sounds, candy

- Usually social and 'upbeat'
- Strict about rules in class but is generally friendly
- Easy to embarrass
- Sometimes stoic

- Emil spent most of his high school years playing different sports. He later found interest in history and mythology when he was 'enlightened' by his history teacher after being busted for sleeping in class. In college, he decided that he wanted to teach history.
- Most of his family members died of disease, suicide or murder. The only person remaining was his younger brother, who was hospitalized.
- On his final year of college, he went to visit his mother and father's graves. At the cemetery, a wanted criminal stabbed him to death. He died on his parent's graves.

Additional Info:
- He talks during his sleep you can learn his secrets
- Close friends can make pet names for him (although he tends to get irritated, he doesn't really mind them)
- He may spontaneously hug someone if he's feeling lonely (but apologizes later)
- He plays sports during his free time or you can find him sleeping under a tree

Augh - so messy (I'm sorry)
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