Youko - Zhong-Li Picture

^0^ I finally finished!! [>.> One of them at least]
This is a picture I made for me story, Saint Mythology: Rainbow Wings or Tsubasa no Niji, when Eri and Dohko have children ^-^ *claps hands*

This is their son, Zhong-Li, the oldest. He actually has two names since Dohko and Eri couldn't come to an argeement on one, so his other name is, Youko, givin to him by Eri. [He perfers Zhong-Li when he's in China or taking to a stranger[ His full name is Youko Zhong-Li Seiumezawa] He's 18 years, about 7 ft tall, he's the Orichalcum Saint of Vulpecula [fox]. As far as personality one word describes him; quiet. He's been mute since he was 5, the time he was training to become a saint, his teacher being Virgo Shaka, and he just thinks that needless talking can be distracting and take him off his guard. But despite that he's a very friendly person and has a habit of hanging out in the trees staring at the sky [a trait taken from Yume]. He cares very deeply for his younger siblings, Roushui and Xiaojiang, and gets very agressive if anything happens to them, escpecially Roushui with her fragile body. He has the ability of pyrokinesis and can control and manipulate fire [=w= be afriad Hyoga] to his will. He uses a Vajra [in case you don't know what that is [link] ] givin to him by Shaka when his training was over, as a weapon.

Note: Zhong-Li means "Loyal Fox" ^^

Vulpecula Youko/Zhong-Li (c) Me
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