the Hacker Picture

*begin character bio*

Eris the ultimate Hacker.

in the early days of the Iris network, the security systems were very easy to infiltrate. Much information was lost in those days to hackers. Iris never really recovered from the loss. the most devastating loss was a complete copy of Iris. everything about her was copied to an unknown location.

little was known about the whereabouts of the copied data. all that was known was that the source was outside of secure space. for a couple years nothing was heard. then in the year 3872 A.D the copied data resurfaced. not as Iris but a new more menacing construct Eris.\

Eris (in Greek mythology the goddess of discord), proceeded to ravage computer networks all across the galaxy. terrabytes of data were lost during this period. Iris formulated a way to stop Eris in her tracks, but by the time she was ready it was too late. too much information was lost.

by this time the Collective had to step in to secure the situation. All of the Fenrir units joined together to trap Eris. 30 were lost in the process. only 20 remain.

after the assault Eris vanished. she has become somewhat of a god figure in the hacking community and if you know where to go you might be able to hire her.
her prices arent cheap but she gets the job done no matter what.
*end character bio*

more to come soon.

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