Tears of the Dragons Picture

I drew this picture from my RPG, Saint Mythology. My Oc, Cassiopeia Eri is Dragon Shiryu's training partner. But when she went back the Sanctuary, Ares had possessed her and sent out her inner demon to assassinate him. Eri was really experiencing loneliness from being left and tortured while Shiryu was with the other Bronze Saints. Ikki finds out the truth by looking into her past with his Genma Ken, he told Shiryu and he managed to reach the real Eri.

As a bonus I included Eri's new cloth, I know you can't see it, but I plan on drawing a better version. Also give some of the credit to Galzene, her pic [link] reminded me of Eri's suffering for Shiryu so I decided to make a picture similar to it. ^-^ Let's give her a hand *claps*

Cassiopeia Eri (c) me
Dragon Shiryu (c) Masami Kurumada
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