Vs. Eris (BlackWhite) Picture

This is kind of a rough/first version of the image I'd like to colour and clean up a little, but it's essentially an FF-style battle from the final fight in my Final Fantasy RPG campaign I ran with my roommate/brothers.
Antebellum revealed her true form as an incarnation of the goddess Eris, and used all sorts of ice magic and dragoon-type skills against the party, but eventually fell.

From top to bottom on the right hand side: Pharomiel Arc, Kryling Dark Knight/Archer, used Shadow-type bow and boomerang attacks; Alliande Dawnstrider, Drow Dancer/Red Mage, used a combination of dances and claw attacks; and Talon Valdesh, Pumpkin Chlorophyte Samurai/Black Summoner, unleashed all kinds of elemental sword and spirit attacks.

(Much of Antebellum/Eris's design was inspired by valkyries and Norse mythology, and while listening to lots of Yousei Teikoku - I played this throughout most of the final fight with her: [link] )
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