Eris Goddess of Chaos Picture

Doll done for my RP game, Stargate SG-1: Eternal

Eris is a Goa'uld whom is very, very, very off her rocker.

Description for her in the game:

The person that Chaos has led SG-1 to is perhaps the strangest Goa'uld they've seen to date. Where most Goa'ulds dressed in the proper attire from whatever era/mythology they took their personas from... Eris was different: short-cropped blonde hair, rubies, and sapphires sparkling in one eyebrow, and emerald stud in her nose, leather pants, with wide parts on the outside of legs, showing off her various tattoos, her shirt might have passed for something out of a greek myth.

Red eyes, naturally black lips, and oddly-colored skin tell the team that she isn't human, snake in her head, or no.

Base by: Autumn Pixels
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