Music Sketch: Kallisti Picture

I made a mistake
And I fear what you will say.
I just don't know what to do.

-~Dwood15 excerpt from his poem, "I just don't know"
Good quote, imo.


Title of the song is an allusion to Greek Mythology.
Kallisti means "To the Fairest". That was what was written on the golden apple Eris, the Goddess of Discord, unleashed. Three goddesses fought over it, leading to the Judgement of Paris, which later caused the Trojan War. (Or according to Greek Mythology, anyways.)


And the Apple appears to be the greatest thing ever. It guises itself as an item of true worth and value. The golden color itself tempts you to take it. The scarcity and rarity of the object makes you believe that it’s priceless.

But once you take it, discord begins. You'll find yourself passing sleepless nights. Haunting thoughts will invade your dreams. By the time you awake, you'd wish it was all a dream. You'd wish you can turn back time. You might find yourself despising the Apple for tempting you, but you can only blame yourself for falling for such temptation. The shame you've put on yourself and everyone around you. Such a big problem something small can create.

Damn that Apple of Discord.


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