Scottie Nakamura-Sailor Eris Picture

This is an original outer senshi of mine. I give u Scottie Nakamura also known as Sailor Eris, here are her stats:

Name:Scottie Nakamura (Sukotii Nakamura in jap. version)
age:about 15 or 16
height: 5 foot 4
weight: *slaps u with fish* "That's not up for disscussion!"
favorite food: tacos!
fave color: purple
boyfriend: Seiya of threelights ("Eat your heart out, Meatball head! SEIYA'S MINE....MWAHAHAHA!")
siblings:Clay Nakamura (also known as Ghost, the protector of Charon) ("All hail the all-knowing prophet!...When are you going to stop saving the universe and take out the garbage for a change?!")
School:Mugen Academy (same as Amara and Michelle)

About the senshi:
Name:Sailor Eris
Role:Guardian senshi of discord
Transformation device: a ring
Transfomation phrase: ERIS PLANET POWER!
Powers: Eris sonic shockwave!
Eris Golden apple beam (mixture of "Sailor Moon" with Greek mythology)-it's a weapon
Mystic shadow of discord (using Discord bracelets)
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