Keira D. ErisSilverlily Picture

This is Keira D. Eris.

This foal had a rough life. Her whole name explains her attitude.

Keira -- People with this name often obtain great power and wealth. They may neglect their private lives and relationships.

Deyanira -- \de-yanira, deya-ni-ra\"Devastating, capable of great destruction

Eris -- Mythology: goddess of discord and destruction

Keira Eris covers up cutie mark, disguising it with a red heart instead. Her true name is Keira D. Eris, but she makes everyone believe she's truly named Silverlily. She holds great power, and lures people into her trap by being the nicest and sweetest pony ever. SHe can be the best actress at being charming, sweet, alluring, and funny. Keira feeds off people's fear. She is almost considered a demon to most, but some consider here a witch.

I love this new OC. <33 Her personality is just so interesting, and her name took SOO MUCH RESEARCH...So don't steal, 'kay? <: Loove<3

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