Sailor Eris Picture

So =DracheaRannak is holding a Sailor Dwarf Planets contest where you have to design a new senshi.

This is NOT my entry.

I had 45 minutes to kill while I downloaded Civilization IV and Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword so I can play with my boyfriend. So, to best help the downloads go faster I had to keep off the internet. So I decided to help get back in the swing of Sailor Moon things, I'd try to design up Eris, since everyone in creation is drawing her.

So this is what you get. A dark but golden warrior with green jealous eyes (because she wasn't invited to the party you know).

And for kicks:
Name: Desdemona Strid
Sailor Senshi Name: Sailor Eris
Senshi Weapon: Golden Apple of Discord
Age: 25
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 145 Ibs.
Eye Color: Jealous Green
Hair Color: Golden
Birthday: November 5th
Color: Black and Gold
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