Eris Picture

So since I promised I'd start uploading these images AGES ago, and have thus failed till now... FINALLY, here's the first of five drawings for the winners of my "Easter Raffle".

Confused? Here's the old journal to the raffle: [link]

This character is ~SolunaSunwell's Eris.

Umm... so an explanation to this picture...
Well, I think I subconsciously thought of the goddess of chaos, but not so much the one from ancient mythology, rather the one from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, hence the gold. The bunnies are me trying to subtly incorporate an Easter theme (as this was meant to be done on the Easter holidays) and the rest is just cause Eris is an angel and I like pretty things OTL This isn't the outfit Eris usually wears, but for the scene I wanted to give her a pretty little dress. I did however decide to keep the tights she wears with her casual outfit.

The snake texture is from here: [link]

That swirly sheild thing is just something I sketched together (hopefully it doesn't look too silly XD)

Eris belongs to ~SolunaSunwell
Art belongs to =Elieda (me)

Did some somewhat major changes to the piece... I redid the colouring, made the background transparent and the shield frame more three dimensional, added live bunnies and took away the golden apples and strings. I also added a window and a heap of candy/marshmallows... OTL
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